This isn’t to suggest that Governor Chris Christie doesn’t bleed like the rest of us, however one would never have thought him to be like a gushing teenage girl.

But that’s just what happened when President Obama did a Frank Sinatra and brought together Governor Christie and Bruce Springsteen.

(For those who idea what the reference means, it was Frank Sinatra who did an appearance on a Labor Day weekend Jerry Lewis Telethon and brought together Lewis and Dean Martin after years of feuding with each other.)

So even though both Christie and Springsteen hadn’t had a feud; they’re still diametrically opposites politically.

According to this account:

Gov. Chris Christie wept tears of joy Friday night when his no-nonsense response to Hurricane Sandy earned him what decades of obsession had not: Bruce Springsteen’s friendship.

Christie said today during a news conference after visiting a shelter at Bolger Middle School in Keansburg.

“We hugged. He told me, ‘It’s official. We’re friends.’

Christie and the Boss talked for a while Friday night at a telethon NBC held to raise money for victims of the hurricane. Christie said Springsteen told him he was proud of the job he was doing — a sentiment he also expressed Wednesday on stage in Rochester, N.Y.

Christie said, “And I’ll treasure it forever,” adding: “It was a lot of fun for me. It was the best part of my week on the social side for sure.”

President Obama today facilitated another chat between the quintessential Jersey boys.

Christie said, recounting his now daily chat with Obama. “I told the President today actually that the hug was great and when we got home there was a lot of weeping because of the hug,” “And the President asked why and I said, ‘To be honest, I was the one who was weeping. Everybody else was fine.'

Then Obama, who invited the Boss to travel with him on Air Force One on the last day of campaigning, put Springsteen on the line.

Christie said….“He told me that in times of real difficulty that he thought that the only thing better than one Jersey guy were two Jersey guys and he put Bruce Springsteen on the phone.

“Bruce said to me how proud he was of his state and how proud he was of the people in this state and how tough they are and he’ll be back to the Jersey Shore soon.

We had a good conversation today and it was great to talk to the President and even better to talk to Bruce.”

Like I said, the gushing fan….whodda thunk!

One doesn’t have to go far to see how the Governor wears his emotions on his sleeve.

We’ve all heard the accounts and seen the Youtube moments as to how he deals with anyone in his crosshairs.

But he’s easily moved to tears, as we see in this account:

Gov. Chris Christie has reassuring words for New Jersey children concerned about Superstorm Sandy.

The governor says they should “let the adults in your community take care of you. We’ll be there for you.”
Christie made the remarks Monday in Keansburg during a briefing on the storm.

The governor says he’s been hugging distraught adults, but was chocked up when he met a 9-year-old girl named Ginger in Middletown whose family’s home was destroyed by the storm.

Humanizes him a bit…

I’d say so!