Governor Christie’s latest town hall meeting was held in Irvington – a city where he got less than 5  percent of the vote back in 2009. 

He jokingly told an overflow crowd inside a church where the meeting was held he was happy to be such a unifying force, since “that’s bringing people together – cause I united 95 percent of Irvington.”

The Governor then said the real reason for his visit was to talk about taxes, education reform, and reclaiming our inner cities – issues that people care deeply about.

He told the crowd “if I want to break down the partisan divide in this state – if I want you to stop worrying about who’s a republican and who’s a democrat, if I want you to do that, I have to come here and talk to you about it.”

Christie also said no one can wave a magic wand to solve the problems of crime and violence in our urban areas, but by working together, we can make a difference.