Controversial gift card laws in New Jersey is chasing many of the larger gift card distributors out of the state.


  • The issue has been making the news for over a week of a state law on gift cards that could affect your ability to purchase gift cards from many top retailers.
  • More pain at the pump for NJ drivers, as there is no bright spot in sight for gas prices.
  • The dry, windy conditions have aided forest fires popping up around the Garden State.
  • Is high unemployment the "new normal?"
  • Toms River School is hoping to recoup money from the Michael Ritacco scandal.
  • The State Treasurer says he is confident in projections for casino revenues.
  • Will you vote in local school board elections?
  • One NJ lawmaker says a millionaires' tax hike would affect more of us than you would think.
  • A Hoboken resident invents an alarm clock that may revolutionize the process of waking up for your daily obligations.
  • A new report refutes Governor's Christie's reasoning behind scrapping the Hudson River Rail Tunnel project.

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Monday's poll asked how often you goof around on your work computer.  34% said never, 48% said about an hour or under daily, while 16% estimated over 3 hours a day.




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