Odell Beckham Jr. scored his first touchdown of the season with the Giants down 14-0 to the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. He then celebrated by imitating a dog lifting his leg on the field. His "dog" cost the team a 15 yard penalty forcing the team to kick off from their 20. When asked why he would do that, knowing his team was behind he responded,  "I don't know, I was in the end zone, I scored a touchdown, I'm a dog so I acted like a dog."

Maybe next time he'll act like a jackass because that's what that move was. How can you taunt a team in their own stadium when you're down 14-7? How can you cost your team 15 yards when they're trying to scratch and claw their way back? Odell goes on to say "I didn't know if the rule book said you can't hike your leg, he said I peed on somebody so I was trying to find the imaginary ghost that I peed on." Seriously?

When asked to comment on Odell's move, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo, who has no problem calling out Eli Manning's play after last week's Detroit loss, responded: "Next question." What kind of coach is that? The kind of coach who can't control his player.

The Eagles noticed and are "filing it away," head coach Doug Pederson said. "It's unfortunate. I have to control our guys, obviously. Every other coach has to control their players. It's something that you don't want to see it, obviously, in the game. I think it takes a way from a great play that he just made."

Why aren't the Giants stepping up to control this stupidity?

Odell does what he wants, when he wants to, regardless of what it'll cost the team. Fortunately, Giant kicker Aldrick Rosas kicked off 74 yards to the Eagle 6, which was returned to the 29.

Let me explain it for Odell, that "somebody" you peed on was your team, the "imaginary ghosts" are your team's playoff chances. Hopefully the team will be PO'd enough to do something about it!

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