Judi has been teeing off on how much she was turned off by Joe Biden's behavior and his overall performance during the Vice Presidential debate. Luckily to calm Judi down, we found something a funny Joe Biden comparison on the 'interwebs' that made her day just a little bit brighter.

Whether you support President Obama or Mitt Romney, you have to get a good laugh out of this picture. Check out the comparison between comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter and Vice President Joe Biden and tell us it doesn't make you laugh out loud. Thanks to Red Neck playground for creating such a funny photo.

Red neck playground/Via Facebook

Is that a stunning resemblance or what?


Check out Walter in action as he even at one time was thinking of running for President. Who would  you vote for? Walter or Joe Biden? Leave your comments below. WARNING - Not Safe for Work language