Believe it or not, I got more mail about baloney haters and baloney lovers then I think I've gotten about almost any other topic we've discussed on the air. So it proves to me the bologna conversation hits a nerve in New Jersey listeners.

Spelling it whichever way makes you comfortable, "n-e-y" or "g-n-a", my contention is that there are two kinds of people in this world; those who like bologna and those who are afraid to like bologna, because it is the most politically incorrect of foods. That's why I believe that it is a part of a left-wing conspiracy to dislike bologna or to disparage it.

In the same way, the promotion and adoration of kale may also be on the liberals agenda. Baloney, therefore, is one of the most politically polarizing foods that we know of. The bologna people are the fun people at the party. Much like voting for Trump, it's not something that you want to talk about in mixed company.

It's something that you have to eat (or even admit to enjoying) on the down-low. Let them lie about it in other states. Here in New Jersey we tell it like it is. We truly like baloney, nitrates and all.

So come on. Stand up for yourself and our fine country and admit you like bologna! It's the American way!

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