This story is about a Craigslist sale gone bad, but I think everyone who ever sold a car to another individual can relate. You're dealing with someone you know nothing about; sure, they're probably fine, but you don't know that. What you DO know is they know where you live (assuming you didn't have them meet you in a public place), and, at some point, they are going to be in control of a car you own.

In a report posted on Sacramento television station KCRA's website, a Lodi, California man advertised his car on Craigslist; a couple showed up to take it for a test drive which they did, with the owner along for the ride. So far so good. Now its time to head for home, but not only does the man refuse, he pulls out a handgun. The couple then takes the seller (the owner) to a nearby town, makes him get out and leaves him there. The couple takes off in his and the seller uses his cell phone to get picked.

There's kind of a happy ending though: KCRA reports that Lodi police have a suspect in custody; no word on the female or the car, though.

Have you ever had any bad experiences with Craigslist? Share your thoughts below.