There was a theme around this week's Dennis & Judi "LMAO Call of the Week". One of the nominees talked about the world ending. The other was a call that ended way too soon.

The nominees for this week's "LMAO Call of the Week" are Michael from North Brunswick and Matt from Galloway.

Michael from North Brunswick was telling us a story during our segment about the end of the world being near. He believed the end of the world is near if Donald Trump became President. His reasoning? It said so in the Book of Revelation.

Matt from Galloway called in when we were discussing wearing your seatbelt in the back seat. Matt took a very different approach than most callers as he simply made his point and said he'll "take his comments off the air". This was the first time that's ever happened to us.

Which call do you think is Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week"?

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