My wife has a soft spot for animals, even ones you don’t want around the property. Earlier this year we had what we assumed was a giant ground hog living under our deck. She would leave food out for him. The most recent manifestation of this lunacy was last night. A possum was sitting on one of the wrought iron chairs on our deck.

Bill Doyle photo / Townsquare Media

When my wife spotted the possum, did she shoo it away? No, she googled what possums eat and then put out a container of vegetables out for him. Maybe my wife thinks she’s in a Disney movie and the animals are going to start singing to her and magically do the dishes, but I don’t want that varmint anywhere near our house. By the way, the possum did not eat the vegetables because it was afraid to move off the chair because the dog was barking at it. After eight years, having a dog finally came in handy, and my wife wouldn’t let me open the sliding glass door to let the dog out so he could chase it away. She even named the critter, just like she named the groundhog. Anybody know how to get rid of a possum?

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