I'm on vacation next week. I really can't afford to take the time off, I have a lot of work to do, and will likely end up working anyway. Our company has a "use it or loose it" vacation and sick pay policy. That's not unusual. Most companies do.

That's a foreign concept for government. HUGE payouts for unused and accumulated sick and vacation time have been the norm. It costs New Jersey millions of dollars. Governor Christie want's it stopped. Democrats in the legislature want to continue this long time fleecing of the taxpayers to continue. More politics with your money.

Christie vetoed legislation a year ago that would have capped the payouts at $15,000.

Democrats then reduced the cap to $7,500, but the governor has insisted the cash value of accumulated sick time should be zero.

Christie says sick leave should be for illnesses and not be a retirement bonus.

The sponsor of the so-called compromise (which was passed last week), Paul Sarlo, says a small incentive would discourage employees from using their entire sick-leave entitlement every year.