If this summer were a comedy club of super heroes it couldn’t play out any better. You  open with “The Avengers” who’s job it is to get your attention, made $207,438,708 it’s opening weekend and $1,457,760,486 worldwide since it’s release. Mission accomplished. Your middle act or “Feature” would be “The Amazing Spiderman”. The character is retooled and though not as good as the opener, it’s enough to get us through to the headliner. Throw in the Comic-Con convention, and a trilogy wrapping up and you’ve got a headliner so strong that some who utter a negative review are threatened with death and they haven’t even seen the movie! 

Tonight at one minute after midnight “The Dark Knight" premieres in theaters across New Jersey.

The movie runs 2 hours and 45 minutes and is the most anticipated film of the summer. Will the fans get what they want? You’ve got to see it to decide. Personally I can’t wait!

Imagining how much money The Dark Knight Rises will bring in at the box office, I can only hope that those who made it don’t get greedy and have Batman take on a Russian, or a young super hero after he loses everything and ends up in the old neighborhood, or even try a comeback as an old man. Maybe they can get Adam West for that one.