The Dark Knight Rises made 160.9 million dollars this weekend and after seeing it on Monday I can honestly say it lived up to every dollar. I would recommend if you have the time, treating yourself to a double feature of “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” which will bring you up to date on the story line. “The Dark Knight Rises” begins 8 years after the “The Dark Knight”. If you remember, it was decided at the end of “Knight” that Batman would be remembered as the villain who killed the beloved Harvey Dent, remembered as a hero even though he flipped out.  Bruce Wayne now carries that baggage along with what he was already carrying about his parents death.


Here is one of the trailer's for the Dark Knight Rises:


Christopher Nolan does a great job humanizing the characters. What makes Batman different from the other superheroes and what makes him play so well today, is that he has no superpowers. He survives like we do, using the technology available to him. As Bruce Wayne, he oversees the largest business in the city and as Batman masters the toys that are given to him by Lucius Fox.  We see him the way we like to see ourselves both smart and resourceful.


The villain in 'Rises' is Bane played by Thomas Hardy and the story of why he chose Gotham to terrorize is laid out really well and connected to the other two movies with a twist that I didn’t see coming. Ann Hathaway as Selina Kyle is never referred to as “Catwoman” players her not so much as a femme fatal but as a street smart city girl that you would expect a thief to be. The sexual tension between the two characters which was always there is very today. Robin is also introduced but you won’t realize who he is until the end. Or at least I didn’t.


The movie runs 2 hours 44 minutes with a lot of shoot’em up special effects so strap in. It’s definitely worth  it. After seeing the Batman trilogy that Nolan did, I can’t see how anyone can top it. These movies are the best Batman’s yet. Though you know somewhere down the line, someone else will take a shot, they will be hard pressed to top this.