From Tony Soprano's swimming pool to real life bear sightings all over the Garden State, bears are everywhere. In fact, a second bear sighting just happened in Princeton last Thursday morning, prompting the scheduling of a "bear safety workshop". It takes place tomorrow night at the Princeton Township Municipal Building. Typical drill: How to minimize bears being attracted to your property, what to do and not to do if you see a bear, how to keep "pic-uh-nic baskets" away from bears and where to find Ranger Smith if you need help, etcetera.


Check out the video below from CNN of someone's garage where a bear cub got inside, then got stuck. Notice the mother bear lifting the garage door trying to get her cub out. Also cool is the incredible instincts and intelligence of the bear cub in eventually using the ladder to get down. Cute? Yes. But remember, these cubs will grow to be huge, vicious, marauding beasts that will chew you face off and eat your dog for an appetizer. Okay, not really. Just cute.