By Jeff Deminski

Legislation that expands the list of crimes that could have the government taking your car in New Jersey just got approved by committee. Senator Donald Norcross' idea gives police more authority in seizing your property if your car was used in either buying or selling drugs, or prostitution transactions, or where an illegal weapon was found.

The car would be impounded, and the registered owner notified. So yes, in other words if a husband is caught with a prostitute in his wife's car, his wife's car goes bye-bye. If a teenager is caught buying weed in his dad's car, dad's car gets the hook. Then, big fees have to be paid to get it back, and if not paid within 30 days the car is sold at auction. Yes, even if you're still making payments on it.

Is this legislation really going to make anyone safer? Should it be passed? To me it seems like another sledge hammer for a flea. In my humble opinion a vehicle impoundment should happen only for being unfit to drive. Like drunk driving and extreme reckless driving for example. Not for petty nonsense like taking part in the world's oldest profession or buying a drug like marijuana that the majority of Americans now believe should not even be illegal.