One couldn’t help but wonder if our President, during a recent appearance at the famed Apollo Theater, was warming up for something with a little more marquis value.

Closing for Al Green is one thing.

Truth be told, I love Al Green, and my all time favorite Al Green song is  “Still In Love With You”. Yet even that could not even come close to a possible pairing of the Boss with the Commander in Chief.

I already know that the Boss has announced he’ll open his upcoming tour at the Rock.

But could you imagine the President of our great United States appearing on the same bill.

My God! It would be a concert promoters ultimate dream.

Barak and the Boss in the Brick City.

Add Corey Booker, and you score the perfect "hat trick". (A little Rock reference for you....couldn't resist!)

I'd love to see him channel his inner Frankie Valli.

Imagine the headline:

“The 3 B’s do Broad Street!”

Bah, bum, bum! (rimshot!)

I’m here all week….don’t forget to try the veal!