It could turn out to be the battle of the egos on the campaign trail.

As you know by now, the Boss has decided to come out in support of the re-election of President Barak Obama…and joined former President Clinton on the campaign trail.

Earlier in the evening, Bruce had the unenviable task of following the former President, who’s known to go on and on.

Rock star Bruce Springsteen took a shot at former President Bill Clinton for speaking too long at Thursday's Obama campaign rally in Parma, Ohio.

"Human speech has been monopolized," chided Springsteen before beginning his first tune.

As he typically does, Clinton ended up speaking to the crowd for 36 minutes.

When he finally finished and introduced the main attraction, Springsteen walked on stage and said, "I get to speak after President Clinton. That’s like I’m going on after Elvis."

"I was frantically calling the E Street Band backstage going, ‘Quick, I need back-up, I need back-up,'" Springsteen joked. "'Human speech has been monopolized.’"

After chuckling to himself, Springsteen said, "If he’d have only brought that saxophone, you would have seen a real jam up here."

I guess Bruce forgot where he is in the pecking order….Clinton’s a former Commander in Chief.

The Boss…..perhaps ‘o boss do’ backhouseaa! Grandma used to say.

Anyway, check out this video, and answer the poll below…do you feel the Boss was being “douchey” to former President Clinton by referring to the length of Clinton’s speech?

Was Bruce Springsteen being douche or playful in chiding President Clinton for going on too long at an Obama rally?