Interesting how the NFL is still reeling from the public backlash over the kneeling during the national anthem.

More interesting is that after the flap with President Trump, where a couple hundred players expressed their political discontent by refusing to honor the flag and anthem, only a handful continued the disrespect on Sunday. This proves a couple things, first that these protests had nothing to do with so called 'social justice' and more as an angry retort to President Trump.

Shame on the players that thought the best way to express their opposition to Trump was to disrespect the nation. Looking at the lack of fans in Chicago, Cleveland and Miami, it seems that the plan backfired and may start to hurt where it counts, the team bank accounts.  You may say that these teams are not really playoff contenders and that's the reason people are staying home.

But look at the huge crowd for the now 1-6 New York Giants.  Maybe it's a Red State/Blue State thing. Maybe it's just about the high cost preventing many working class families from attending. Or maybe there are more fans like me who have decided to stop going until the owners get together an dump Roger Goodell.

The problems with the NFL didn't start with Colin Kaepernick, but they will continue as long as weak, ineffective and overpaid Roger Goodell is at the helm.

Choose your hashtag. #DumpRoger #FireGoodell

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