New Jerseyans, give yourselves a pat on the back. Through all your efforts since Friday night, through countless emails, Tweets and calls to your representatives, the vote for the 23-cents per gallon gas tax hike has been pushed off until Friday.

This is a BIG victory against bullies like Governor Christie, Steve Sweeney, Vincent Prieto and all other legislators who thought raising your taxes was a good idea.

Big thanks goes out to the 10 Republicans and 5 Democrats who stood strong and voted against it. We've got to keep those 15 votes and add 5 more to ensure that we defeat the proposed legislation on Friday.

You know that these NJ politicians will pull out all the stops to get this legislation passed, so we have to keep the momentum going!  It's time to turn back the politicians and let them know that they cannot ignore our voices and that they will not put any more taxes on our backs!

Get ready, the battles rages on this coming Friday at the Statehouse in Trenton!

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