It's gotta rank right up there with apple-pie. There are few things more American than the Twinkie.So say it ain't so. The iconic, preservative packed, chemically laden, sweet treat may soon go the way of New Coke? Hostess has filed for bankruptcy, and while they say Twinkies, cupcakes, and Ho-ho's are not going anywhere soon, it certainly has some of us feeling nostalgic.

My family didn't have a lot of money when I was a kid, so a Twinkie was a BIG treat. It was one of the few treats we were allowed on special ocassions. I once got in trouble for eating a whole box, and not saving any for my siblings. It was worth it.

A little more health conscious in my adulthood, I hadn't touched one in maybe 20 years.

Walking through the supermarket one day with my two boys, my youngest asked, "Dad, what's a Twinkie?" Perhaps at no point did I feel like more of a failure than when I realized I had denied my children one of life's greatest pleasures. I bought TWO boxes (they were on SALE), and we didn't even wait to get home to bust them open. We ate one box on the way home. The second was gone by bedtime.

The delight from my children was worth it, even though we all had sick tummies the next day.

The thought of future generations not being able to enjoy the same is unthinkable.