The Avengers had the biggest opening weekend ever taking in two hundred million dollars, shooting past the previous 169.2 million that  the Harry Potter finale made.

What is it about super heroes that keep us coming back, year after year and generation after generation? This summer, we’re also going to be treated to the new Batman movie “The Dark Night Rises” filmed partly in Newark. This is  what we need to feel safe in Newark ;), and the new Spiderman movie “The Amazing Spiderman in 3D on July 3rd."

Here is the official trailer for the Avengers:

Tina Turner used to sing ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero” but with the way the world is today, between the economy, the war, and the feeling of helplessness that waits for us every morning when we wake, maybe it’s time to hit the theatre and let “The Avengers” handle it. I always thought The Avengers were Steed and Mrs Peel. Then again, who could turn down Scarlett Johansson in a tight black cat suit high kicking?

Everyone has their own superhero, who is yours? Comment below.