Since some cities function as sanctuary cities, which in essence are just cities that decide they don't need to follow laws. In this case, it's immigration laws.

We thought it would be fun to create our own sanctuaries! Places where you could go and flout the law with no consequences. If you could create your own sanctuary cities, what law would YOU like to ignore? Here are my top 11 in no particular order:

My Sanctuary City would allow me to ignore:

1. Income tax laws: Why do I have to give the government my hard earned money to use indiscriminately?

2. Seat belt laws: You want to tell me I HAVE to protect my own SELF?

3. Bike helmet laws: You want tell me I HAVE to protect my OWN KIDS?

4. Cell phone while driving laws: I got a driver's license [complicated], but I can't hold something to my ear and talk at the same time [not complicated]?

5. Car seat laws: See #3 above

6. Marijuana laws: But I can drink myself into oblivion, no problem.

7. Underage drinking laws: Because I can fight for my country, but not have a beer. Plus, we all know no one drinks under 21.

8. Licenses for businesses that don't need them: I'd be very concerned if my interior decorator or my Christmas tree vendor wasn't PROPERLY LICENSED!

9. Prostitution: If I trade my husband sex for really nice boots, is that okay?

10. Gambling: No one should EVER make bets without the government's watchful, caring eye!

11. Suicide: Are you going to give me a ticket or what?

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