If you, or a son or daughter will be entering college this fall, here's a "heads up" on the 10  worst paying college majors.

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

This information is the result of a study by the Georgetown University on Education and the Workforce.

Here's the list, counting up from number ten to one.

10.  Music...starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate: 9.2 percent

9.  Film video and Photographic Arts...starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate: 12.9 percent

8.  Liberal Arts...starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate: 9.2 percent

7.  Psychology...starting salary  $30,000  unemployment rate 7.6 percent

6.  Philosophy/Religious studies...starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate: 10.8 percent

5.  Social Work...starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate: 6.6 percent

4.  Fine Arts...starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate:  12.6 percent

3.  Physical Fitness/Parks Recreation..starting salary $30,000  unemployment rate: 8.3         percent

2.  Anthropology/Archaeology...starting salary $28,000  unemployment rate:  10.5 percent

And, coming in at number one..

Drama/Theater...starting salary $26,000  unemployment rate: 7.8 percent

I'm sure you realize life isn't always about money.  It's about self fulfillment.

If you have a passion for a profession, no matter what it pays, then give it some serious thought.

Think about "quality of life."

The bottom line is, if you're happy doing what you do, then go for it!