We are not an easy sell here in New Jersey. We can like a TV show and watch it enthusiastically every week, yet still find one or more characters so annoying that we have to express it to anyone who'll listen.

That's why callers to our show were so vocal in their hatred of certain tv characters when we broached the subject. Interestingly, some characters who are much beloved in, say, Peoria or in Kansas City, are just as passionately hated here in New Jersey (You know how we are).

Here are the 10 least likable TV Characters of all time, according to the only people in the country who matter: Typical Jerseyans.

1. (Tie) Andrea and Eugene, The Walking Dead

Andrea . She made some pretty questionable decisions that risked everyone getting killed — she even trusted The Governor, for godssake! No one was too disappointed when she met her unfortunate end.

Eugene. After trying but failing to sabotage the mission to D.C., he confessed: "I lied. I'm not a scientist. I don't know how to stop it." In addition to being a lying coward, viewers found him useless, annoying and dull.

2. Debra, Everybody Loves Raymond

Nothing to offer, the whiny wife that every husband prays not to end up with. She couldn't even elicit "happy mom vibes" since she was barely a mom: The kids barely appeared on the show! She Grated on viewers nerves.

3. Charlie, Dee, Mac & Dennis, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Okay, granted, these are FOUR SEPARATE CHARACTERS. But they are so unilaterally hateable and annoying it's like they're one mass glob of annoyance. One could argue that their soullessness was the entire point, but many people need some payback for their viewing time--and as the series went on, they became more and more a waste of space.

4. Skyler White, Breaking Bad

So hated that the actress Anna Gunn would be stopped in the street and berated, Skyler had people wishing that she, instead of her husband, died at the end.

5. Luke Dunphy, Modern Family

We kept hoping the character would grow and develop into something or someone more interesting or less whiny, but he was never even deep enough to be Hateable. He's just kinda--there.

6. Ross Geller, Friends

He wasn't particularly particularly funny, or particularly good looking. In face that was the problem: He wasn't particularly anything. It was kinda like they just needed a third guy and threw an undeveloped character in at the last minute and hoped for the best.

7. Donna Martin, Beverly Hills 90210

Her bad acting, and lackluster character notwithstanding, she just didn't seem to belong in the cast. Forget about the glaring lack of Movie Star looks that the others all had; she was just, no matter how hard the writers tried, unappealing. Granted, she had a lot to prove being Aaron Spellings daughter. She didn't.

8. Joey Gladstone, Full House

Presumably there to be the comic foil, it never quite worked out that way. He always kinda seemed like he didn't belong in the house and had no purpose. The only people who seemed more annoyed with him than the viewers were the other characters themselves.

9. Marnie Michaels, Girls

Wow we looked forward to loving this beautiful breath of fresh air! Oh did we want to like her! And boy were we disappointed! It only took a couple of episodes to realize how amazingly hateable she was and how many beautiful arrogant, narcissists in our own lives she reminded us of.

10. Fran Fine, The Nanny

Although it may be argued that she was equally annoying as the hapless boss, Mr. Sheffield, but when all is said and done, it was The Voice.
I mean, THE VOICE. 'Nuff said.

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