Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday with a wide range of traditions attached to its celebration. There are a ton of high school and college football games played and watched in person or on tv along with a couple of NFL games.

Some families have a big meal at the same relatives house every year or rotate to a different family member each year. Some people go out to a restaurant to enjoy a big meal and give the family chef (usually mom) a break for the day. Most people usually over indulge on a variety of foods available in this bountiful country of ours.

We often take for granted just how much we have here to take advantage of, far more than most countries around the world. Many of us take a moment and truly give thanks for what we do have in our great county and share that day of thanks with the ones we love. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me.

No religious symbols or ideology to agree or disagree with. No house of worship we are bound to visit or contribute to. No differences with anybody around us for what we are celebrating. Just a big meal at a table with people we care about. All to celebrate the many things that brought our ancestors here, and that we enjoy with little thought given to it every other day of the year.

I want to give thanks to all of the brave men and women who came before us to make this the best country on earth and continue to ensure it remains that way. But I especially want to give thanks to my parents Dante and Dolores who made sure that me and my brothers and sister were loved and cared for, and provided for us the best possible family with all the love, strength and security that provides.

That's the tradition that I hope to pass on to my children and hope that it was a strong enough example for them to pass on to their own someday. We still get together at my parents house at least once a month for a birthday or anniversary, and of course accompanied by a great meal. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I realized how special that was, and how freakin lucky I was to grow up with that. Not everybody has that, BUT everybody has the capability of finding that and building that for their children. Especially in this, the greatest nation on the planet.

Do you know how lucky we are to be here in America? Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I wish you health, happiness and all the love and good meals a great family should provide.