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1)What are the biggest High School football rivalries played out on Thanksgiving Day? And do you feel the kids that abducted Easton High's Red Rover bulldog and took it to Phillipsburg High should be charged with anything?

Other Thanksgiving topics:

2) What’s on the menu….pasta before the turkey? (Homeless!)

3) Should retailers close on Thanksgiving instead of starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving night?

4) What stores do you hate to go into to shop?

5) Does the holiday give you agita…family members you hate to see?

6) How far are you traveling?

7) What are you thankful for?

8) Do you or will you take advantage of a food bank in order to have Thanksgiving?

9) Thanksgiving movies…which do you have to see in order to make it feel like Thanksgiving?

Plus some things of general interest should time allow:

9) From last night: An Assembly committee’s considering a bill that would allow mentally disabled people to register with AG's office in case they have a run in with the cops. This is in response to a 2009 incident where a mentally disabled man was beaten by cops who weren’t aware of his disability. Do you feel there should be a registry of the mentally disabled with the Attorney General’s office?

10) The US Preventative Services Task Force is recommending that everyone between the ages of 15 and 64 take an HIV test just once. Would you be willing to do so?

11) Senator Mike Doherty’s proposal that any communities that take state and federal money to rehabilitate their shore allow free access to the beach.

Plus other stuff as it comes up, only on New Jersey’s only all-live, all-local, all night show, conmigo, Ray “el rey de la noche!”

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