This has not been a good week for sixties sitcom stars. First we lose Andy Griffith, then Ernest Borgnine. 

“McHale’s Navy” is not only one of my favorite sitcoms, but Quinton McHale was a childhood idol. Granted I only got to see him in reruns but watching McHale come up with con after con to get his men out of a jam with Joe Flynn as Captain Binghamton was where I learned to BS my parents, nuns, priests, ands whoever else I needed to growing up. Those are the life lessons you just can’t learn in school. It was McHales Navy where I learned to think out of the box to get out of trouble. Those are traits that I still use today! In fact, I still refer to my old boss at Catch A Rising Star as “Cap’n” and she still calls me “McHale.” Here's a quick funny clip from the classic show.

I also enjoyed watching Borgnine play legendary Packers Coach Vince Lombardi in “Portrait in Granite” He looked just like the man of whom the Super Bowl Trophy is named after. You can see a clip from that below:

McHale's Navy is definitely on my Mount Rushmore of sitcoms along with “The Odd Couple” “The Honeymooners” and Denis Leary’s “The Job” which I only recently started watching again on DVD.  If you had to name your “Mount Rushmore” of sitcoms., which would they be?