Like so many New Jerseyans, I found myself in heavy home-bound traffic Friday afternoon. Thats not unusual.  Maybe, the fact that I noticed something thats not unusual, was.

So, I'm on 287, laughing with Deminski & Doyle and waiting for Tom Rivers' next "Fast Traffic" report.  I'm blissfully rolling along in the center lane, when I pass a NJDOT Roadside Assistance Vehicle.  He's on the move, too.  No one needs him as I pass.  But, as he gets smaller in my rearview mirror, he suddenly peels off onto an exit ramp.  No doubt to do his job.  To help a driver in need.  That got me thinking.

We take for granted those who help out on our heavily-travelled highways.  Whether, like the NJDOT guy, its their job, or they are fellow drivers just being good samaritans, such "angels" may as well be invisible.  When was the last time you took notice?

As someone who drove an old, very high mileage, car for years, I sometimes found myself stranded on the side of the road.  But, now I have a new car.  Roadside help? Out of sight, out of mind.  Seeing that NJDOT vehicle took me back to the old days. 

Add the cold, the coming snow and ice, into the traffic mix, and its even more comforting to know that in our on-the-road time of need,  help is on the way!  Lets notice our New Jersey highway helpers, and be thankful--even if we're not the ones in need.