It's difficult enough for a president to order our armed forces into hostile territory knowing some may not return. Then the phone call to grieving families that no one wants to make or receive. After hearing a widow's recording of the president's message to a fallen hero in April, it's clear the president understands his job and is incredibly appropriate.

The political flap started by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is offensive and inappropriate. She took what we understand to be only a portion of the president's remark to the widow of a brave Green Beret and attacked.

The portion causing the uproar was a statement that he is believed to have made: "He (the Green Beret) knew what he signed up for." This is classic #FakeOutrage over words that are intended to elevate and honor a fallen hero. Of course our brave military men and women know exactly what they've signed up for. Knowing the risks they still head into enemy territory risking their own lives for our great nation.

The president's words are carefully chosen and convey an honor on a fallen hero who will now only live on in the memory of his family.  Thankfully President Trump understands the impact his words have on a family. Thankfully the president also understands that words have meaning. It's simply no enough to offer "thoughts and prayers." A man is dead in service to his nation. He's a hero for sure and President Trump understands that.

As far as Congresswoman Wilson, well, she's clearly willing to take her anti-Trump politics and use a dead hero to score points with the #NeverTrump crowd.  Disgusting.

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