I’ll bet any amount of money that the person you took to your prom isn’t in your life anymore.
Unless, of course, you may have reunited on Facebook.

In fact, the only time you may have anything to do with him or her was the night of your prom.

So you can assume that a high school senior Mike Ramirez of Crosby High School in Texas will remember his prom night – even if it’s his only date with a Houston Texan’s cheerleader.

Turns out the enterprising football player used Twitter to ask out Texan’s cheerleader Caithlyn Beth by sending out a tweet, with a message saying, in effect, that if he got 10 thousand retweets, would she go out with him.

See the video coverage below.

Well, for the wedding to happen, he just might take to Twitter and need more retweets than the 10 thousand he’d gotten to be able to ask her to the prom.

But if only for one night, he got to be the stand out.

Share your prom memories with us: Do you remember your prom night, and who you took as your date?