By Bill Doyle

Earlier this week, I wrote about a story I had seen about a fish called a pacu, a relative of the piranha, that had been spotted in Scandinavia.

Included in the story was a warning to male skinny dippers that the pacu was a fan of nuts and had mistaken human testicles for those nuts and given them a bite. It turns out, the whole thing was a mistake.

According to CNN,

After a Danish fisherman caught a South American pacu among his eels and perch this month, a professor at the Copenhagen Museum of Natural History told men to be careful because the fish sometimes mistake male reproductive organs for tree nuts, one of their favorite foods.

Wednesday, however, Moller said he was just joking and never meant for his warning to get so much publicity.

Still, just the thought of a testicle biting fish is enough to make any man cringe.

What is the creepiest encounter you have ever had in the water? Share your story in the comment section below.