Dennis and Judi discussed how tent cities are popping up more frequently around NJ and whether or not NJ Legislature should do something about them or just leave them.

Lakewood's Tent City (Facebook)

Members from one Tent City in particular, the one in Lakewood, called in to discuss what their 'group' is all about.

They discussed the structure of the tent city and how that they feel they are a community onto themselves and a blessing for many people. They even have a website. If you would like to learn more about them, you can click HERE to read about Tent City in Lakewood, NJ.


As an added bonus, here's the song by the band 'Starship' that Dennis and Judi kept playing during the hour called 'We Built this City.' If you replace the word 'this' and change it to 'tent' you can sing your own tent city song as Dennis and Judi did.