Leasing or buying a new car? That annoying temporary license plate that hangs in the back window is going bye bye. Dealerships around the Garden State are ready for the new eTemp Tag System.

The new tags are printed on a weather-proof poly paper stock and fit nicely in the rear license plate holder. For years, law enforcement officials and anyone who had to read a license plate would have a lot of trouble seeing the temporary decal through a tinted window. The new tags make identification easier and more accurate.

Joined by representatives of the New Jersey State Police, the Ocean County Sheriff's Office and the Toms River Police Department in the archway of the Lester Glenn Chrysler dealership in Toms River, MVC Chairman Raymond Martinez called the announcement an important step in the Christie Administration's efforts to boost security and safety in New Jersey by doing all they can to assist law enforcement in their efforts to help citizens stay safe out on the roads.

Martinez says "There is an enormous benefit to the entire state with these new temporary tags. Most

people who buy or lease a new car don't like the old system. This is also great for law enforcement because it's safer. The police don't even have to leave their cruiser. There's a barcode on the new tag that lets them access the information electronically."

Several dealerships are already using the new system which saves them money and time as well. Martinez says "the lines may be shorter at the MVC offices now. The car salesmen will be able to print the new decals in house. They won't have to tie up the lines at the offices making it easier for people to conduct business."

After extensive testing, dealerships around the state will be able to deplete their current stock of old decals until June 30th. At that time, dealers will be required to switch over.