In another case of “political correctness” run amok, the folks over at JC Penny decided to remove a “controversial” teapot design from a billboard that one driver on a California highway said resembles Adolf Hitler.

The picture of the teapot was immediately put on Reddit, and garnered such a quick response that the department store decided it would be best to take it down.
However, it was never intended to look like the despot.

The ad, on Interstate 405 near Culver City, Calif., got lots of attention over the past few days as people noticed that the kettle bore an odd resemblance to the leader of the Third Reich.

The $40 kettle had black details that could conjure an image of Hitler's mustache and parted hair. With a little more imagination, the kettle spout could look like a right arm raised in a Nazi salute.

As of Wednesday, it was taken down. The Michael Graves-designed kettle was also gone from

Social media were buzzing.

A photo submitted by Reddit user Wrestles4Food over Memorial Day weekend had 126 comments by Wednesday. One described the kettle as "some comic-book version of Hitler." Another said it looked like a South Park version of the Nazi dictator.
"It's easier to see Hitler than the kettle," one user said.

News headline writers had fun saying Penney was in "hot water" and that trouble was brewing."

In the case of of the controversial kettle, Penney handled it with a light touch.
It took to Twitter to say that any likeness was "certainly unintended."

It also shared other ideas for what a teapot should resemble.

"If we had designed the teapot to look like something, we would have depicted a kitten tea kettle :)" it said via the @jcpenney handle.

In other Twitter posts, the retailer said it would have gone with a snowman, puppy, bunny or a baby panda kettle. It tweeted out photos of a snowman teapot that it sells.

On Tuesday, it said on Twitter that it had sold out of the teapot online.
Some entrepreneurs who got the teapots and saw an opportunity have taken to eBay to sell them.

"Looks like Hitler," said one seller who priced available kettles at $249.99. "Impossible to find."

Others on sale had bids of $41 and $76 by Wednesday night.

Hitler has certainly made the news quite a bit of late; first with the toilet bowl that was found in a Jersey garageand now the teapot that looks like the dictator.

Or at least some do!