Two 17-year-old high school students face animal cruelty charges for luring several Canada geese into a Woodbridge street, running them down with an SUV and killing one, all while capturing the whole incident on video and posting it on the Internet.

Screen shot of SUV running down Canada goose on a Woodbridge street (Photo provided and used with permission)

In the video that the two uploaded to Snapchat, the Ford Explorer races down New Dover Road right through the flock, laughing as some of the birds, both full grown and goslings, are thrown and slide down the street. One goose was found dead on Dorset Drive, around the block from the attack.

After the video went viral around Colonia High School the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was made aware of the video and launched an investigation; they discovered the SUV parked in the school's parking lot with goose feathers still embedded in the license plate, grill and bumper.

The two CHS juniors admitted their involvement in the June 8th incident while being questioned with their parents permission. The NJ SPCA has filed third-degree animal abuse charges  through the juvenile bureau of the Woodbridge Township Police Department. Their case will likely be heard in family court and per state law receive counseling.

The NJSPCA in an earlier Facebook post said others may also be involved.

In New Jersey, the SPCA has legal authority to investigate and prosecute anyone involved with animal abuse and neglect.