With prom season coming up soon, this video will absolutely warm your heart.

Austin Dennison wanted to do something special for his great-grandmother Dolores. Dolores Dennison never got the chance to go to the prom. So Austin decided he was going to take the best he could ever find and took his 89-year-old great grandmother to the prom with him in Ohio.

Austin is an amazing young man with a list of accomplishments and hobbies that are almost out of a movie. He is an Eagle Scout, plays football, baseball, basketball and is a member of the school band. Austin is also a faithful church goer as well .

In his interview with Fox News he had this to say about the elderly:

“I respect my elders greatly,” he told me. “They have a great influence on my life. To be able to sit down and talk to them and learn from them and their experiences is a great thing.”

How many kids can boast that phrase nowadays?

Austin didn't stop just at the invite. Austin went one stop further and had them play a special song for his great-grandmother that they danced to. It's a song by Frank Sinatra entitled "How I Love the Kisses from Dolores," that her late husband Ed used to play for her.

If you've never heard the song, you can listen to it below

Give yourself a "feel-good" moment and watch the video above of Austin and Dolores at the prom.