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Ebola Case in the U.S. - Hospital officials in New York City say it is not likely that a man admitted there Monday has Ebola but they are still running tests.

Perhaps more troubling here is the lack of recognition of the man's symptoms as he first entered the United States.. He was returning from West Africa and had been detained by airport security on another matter when he began showing symptoms. However, it appears no one at the airport, not security nor their health personnel or EMS was able to put two and two together: symptoms plus travel to West Africa. It was not until he got to Mount Siani Hospital that doctors recognized the potential threat and locked him away in isolation.


Pictures of suspects in the murders of two Essex County students (David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ)

Teen Murder Arrests -Authorities have arrested 4 suspects in connection with the unrelated murders of two Essex County teens. 17 year old Cheyanne Bond was killed for her I-Phone, and 19 year old Brendan Tevlin was shot 8 times by robbers who opened fire after surrounding the car he was driving.








Still a Threat- Rip current alerts are up down the shore. Tropical Storm Bertha will pass well to the east. but still strong enough to churn the surf.



Projected track of Tropical Storm Bertha (NHC)

Atlantic City Drowning- A woman drowned off Atlantic City Monday, pulled under by a rip current. She was found face down in the water about 200-yards off shore. It appears she was swimming after lifeguards had gone home.

Cease Fire in Effect -There will be crucial talks in Cairo in the coming days. While a three-day cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is in effect, indirect talks will be held in a push for a longer-lasting peace. But wide gaps remain. Hamas wants Israel and Egypt to lift their seven-year Gaza border blockade. Israel is reluctant to do so unless Hamas is disarmed.

Price Drop at the Pump - It's a welcome break for drivers. Over the past 6 weeks prices at the pump have dropped about 35 cents a gallon and barring some new crisis abroad or a hurricane in the Gulf, they should keep going down later this year.

Festival Arrests - The Electronic Adventure music festival may have to find a new home after dozens of arrests and drug overdoses this weekend in Seaside Heights. The event moved from Six Flags Great Adventure this year but county and local officials say they don’t want the festival back.

The crowd on the Atlantic City beach for Lady Antebellum (@VisitAC via Twitter)

Concert Success - Atlantic City is hoping to continue the momentum after concerts from Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum drew massive audiences.

Williamsport-or-Bust - The Toms River Little League All Stars are one-win away from advancing to the semi-finals at The Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament in Bristol, Connecticut. They play Maryland this morning.

Teen Trouble - A Jersey City couple is under arrest for having intimate relations in front of a 16-year old girl and beckoning her to join them. Prosecutors say the 40-year old man and 27-year old woman offered the girl wine and tried to pull the girl over to them. Both remain jailed this morning.

On Board Freak Out - A woman who freaked out on a US Airways plane had to be removed by police at Philly International. The woman started screaming about the flight not going to Brazil; It was bound for Portugal. Police had to be called and she was removed.

On the Ballot - It's now up to the voters to decide in November if New Jersey's bail system should be reformed. Current law requires judges to set bail for every criminal charged with a crime no matter how dangerous they might be.

Work to be done - New Jersey has the best school systems in the nation, according to a new report by But, there's still a great deal of work to be done.

Birthday Fundraiser - Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will help Governor Christie celebrate his 52nd birthday next month with a private fundraiser in East Brunswick. Tickets for the private reception are $5,000 apiece.

America's Night Out Against Crime - Tonight is "National Night Out" to promote local crime prevention through police-citizen cooperation.





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