When Nathaniel Wentz wore his Denver Broncos jersey to work, he thought he was doing exactly what his bosses told him he could do. Apparently there was a catch.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Wentz, who worked at Odyssey 1, a children's play center in Tacoma Washington, was reportedly told to wear a jersey to support his team. Seeing as how the business is near Seattle, most workers were sporting Seahawks jerseys. Wentz on the other hand, was wearing a Denver Broncos jersey.

Apparently that was frowned upon and Wentz was reportedly told by management to go home and change. Wentz's father called his son's boss to question why he was sent home but never got a response. Wentz did not return to work. He was fired the next day.

Granted he should have probably returned to work but don't you think his father should have received a response as to why he was sent home in the first place? What's your opinion? Do you think he should've been sent home for wearing his favorite jersey? Or should he have been given more direction if they only wanted workers wearing Seahawks jerseys?

You can see more of the story in the video below.