Students and alumni of Teaneck High School planned to defend their school's reputation following a prank that led to the arrest of 63 students.

Students involved in a senior prank at Teaneck High School are led to a police van (CBS New York)

Footage of students who participated in the prank being paraded out of the school in plastic wrist cuffs was shown across the country. The non-proift community group Teaneck Comes Together is sponsoring the Wednesday afternoon rally to "show the truth about Teaneck's teens" according to the Record.

Police said that 62 students were taken into custody; 38 of them are juveniles and 24 adults. They are all charged with burglary and criminal mischief. At least a dozen law enforcement agencies responded and found “extensive damage” according to police, who don’t know how the students got inside.

A group of alumni, meanwhile, are soliciting donations to show appreciation for the staff and administration. "We wanted to show the teachers, administrators and staff that they are a part of a community that remembers and values Teaneck High School," wrote 1992 graduate Rachel Saul on the collection site. The goal is to display that appreciation on a poster.

“Having 18 percent of the senior class arrested and national press about a prank at your school is enough to get people down, and that's reason enough for us to show that we care,” Rachel Ferat explained to the Record.

The school board is expected to take up the matter of disciplining students involved in the prank. “The District continues to assess the situation and is considering the consequences it will impose on the students implicated,” wrote Superintendent Barbara a letter on the district website.