Earlier today the big discussion was whether or not the Facebook page set up for South Jersey's Kevin McGuire would get Taylor Swift to go to the prom with him. Kevin's sister set it up for him in the hopes that they would garner enough attention so Taylor Swift, Kevin's favorite singer, to accompany him to his prom.  Well it seems that Kevin apparently didn't have to wait very long for a reply.

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In a statement on Taylor Swift's Facebook page, Taylor responds :

Kevin, I'm so sorry but I won't be able to make it to your prom. But I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up.. Would you be my date?

Love, Taylor

So while  Kevin may not have Taylor Swift as his date for the prom, he will however possibly be her date to the Academy of Country Music Awards show.

Kevin's sister Victoria, set up the Facebook page with a little more than 200 fans, it now boasts 95,000+ fans as of Friday (2/24.) The outpouring of support for Kevin even reached Twitter as #TEAM KEVIN has garnered  well wishes from a handful of pro athletes and celebrities.

Kevin was first diagnosed with leukemia at age 13 and was in remission until 2010. he is now in his second battle with the deadly disease.

Although Kevin may not have Swift with him for his prom, she more than made up for it by giving him what sounds to be amazing night at the ACM's.