Governor Christie settled a long running New Jersey debate on “Ask The Governor” when he said “it’s Taylor Ham, egg and cheese,” adding "I may do an executive order on this, we don’t need a bill.”

He’s right about not needing a bill despite the fact that Assemblyman Tim Eustace wants one. I’m guessing he has nothing else to do with the time we elected him for.

But the fact that Governor Christie would award Taylor Ham the winner over pork roll brings to mind some other products where the manufacturer’s name overshadowed the actual product. That, of course, is the ultimate in marketing, where you actually feel if you don’t have that name on the item you’re coming up short.

Thanks to Governor Christie, Taylor Ham can now officially take its place alongside Kleenex, Brillo, Vaseline, Styrofoam, TIVO, Baggies, Jell-O, Magic Markers, and the Hula Hoop. Who knows? Maybe one day it will be as popular as the Slim Jim.

While you read this, feel free to add other products with your “Magic Marker” or maybe make a “Xerox” and “Scotch Tape” it to your wall,

Here are some other brands that have taken over the product name:

  • Baggies- seriously, who really says sandwich bag?
  • Band Aid- we’re stuck on the name, can you say “ouchless?”
  • Breathalyzer- the last thing you want or need after being pulled over.
  • Frizbee- what else would you call it?

Other brands that have taken over the names include: Dumpster, Hi-Liter, Hula-Hoop, Jacuzzi, Jeep, Jockey Shorts, Kitty Litter, Muzak, Novocain, Ping-Pong, Play-Doh, Popsicle, Post-it Note, Q-Tip, Realtor, Rollerblade, Scotch Tape, Seeing Eye (dog), Sheetrock, Styrofoam, Super glue, Technicolor, Teflon, Velcro, and Walkman.

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