Monday on the air I mentioned a story in the Star Ledger praising ASSemblyman Lou Greenwald for his accuracy in pointing out how Governor Christie's new 10 % income tax cut would proportionately benefit millionaires. Well of course it would, they pay more taxes.

The obvious attempt at class warfare on the part of ASSemblyman Greenwald is cheap, laughable and tired already. The validation of it by the newspaper without clarification and explanation was disgusting and disappointing. So I politely pointed it out on the air.

A listener who agreed, sent this illustration. In this country, unlike most other countries in the world, just about anyone can become wealthy. Our system and its opportunities allow people to come here with nothing and achieve wealth.

In Europe and most other parts of the world, you are born into your station in life and there is very little chance for advancement. The government needs to stop punishing achievement and success and the public needs to understand why. Maybe this will help.