Procrastinators and last-minute tax filers, this is it! The deadline for filing your Federal income tax return is midnight, Tuesday.

This year's deadline has been extended two days because April 15th was Sunday and today is a holiday in the District of Columbia, Emancipation Day.

Diane Besunder of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says about 20 to 25 percent of all taxpayers wait until the last two weeks, and they have no reason to expect it will be much different this year.

If you cannot get it together by Tuesday, you can file for a six month extension until October 15th. But she says the catch on that is that it is only to file your paperwork. Besunder says if you owe money, you need to estimate that as best you can.

Probably the easiest and best way to do it is through electronic filing. And just about everybody can file electronically through the the IRS website.


It is easy to do the extension. You can do it through the free file program that is available on, or you can go to our website and download form 4868, which is a paper form. You can fill that out, send it into the Internal Revenue Service at the address on the form, along with any payment you need to make.