The first use of electroshock technology by Monmouth County law enforcement since conductive energy devices were approved in New Jersey ends a 12-hour pursuit and standoff involving an alleged scofflaw in Highlands.

Jeffrey Olander, 51, was subdued by CED, sometimes called a Taser, and arrested early Friday morning after threatening to shoot officers while barricaded in his 14th-floor apartment of the East Pointe Condominiums, according to information from the office of acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni.

He is charged with a third-degree count of aggrvated assault on a police officer, second-degree aggravated assault while eluding, and second-degree eluding, with possibly more charges to ensue once investigations are complete.

The second-degree charges carry prison terrms of five to 10 years on conviction. Third-degree counts are punishable by three fo five years on conviction.

It began at about 3:35 PM Thursday, when an Atlantic Highlands policeman on patrol tried to initiate a routine traffic stop on Olander's 22011 Dodge Charger for an alleged violation.

According to authorities, Olander applied his brakes abruptly, forcing the squad car into the back of his auto, resulting in minor damage. After a brief exchange of words, Olander sped off into Middletown, where police in that township joined the chase, authorities said.

An officer attempted to pull Olander's car to the roadside a second time in Highlands at about 3:53 PM. As the patrolman stepped from his car, Olander again sped away, authorities said.

Highlands police found Olander at his residence at about 11:34 PM and tried to apprehend him, at which point he allegedly began threatening gunfire. Aware that he owned several weapons, officers called for the county SWAT team and evacuated other residents, authorities said.

MOCERT members established contact with Olander at about 3:39 AM. Authorities said that Olander began taunting them and returned to the interior of his unit. A K9 officer tried and failed to arrest him about 15 minutes later, authorities said. The CED was deployed when Olander emerged at about 3:57 AM, authorities said.