Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil reveals a new look in the next issue of In Touch magazine.

After the magazine challenged her to stay away from tanning for a month, a picture spread shows a much paler look for the Nutley woman.

“Everyone says I look so much better less tan,” Krentcil told In Touch. “I feel weird and pale."

Krentcil, who has given up daily "serial" tanning  misses the daily visits to the salon and admits she does“squeeze a tan in here or there.”

Krentcil doesn't understand the controversy over the dark look she had when she first entered the glare of the media. “The whole world tans — so why are they picking on me?” she asked.

She also sheds light on her tanning habit. “I’ve had moments where I’ve felt like, ‘I need to be tan.’ And I did all the spray tans and lotions and creams, too — anything to get dark,” Patricia tells In Touch, adding, “Once a doctor told me to stop tanning. But I didn’t listen to him. I wanted to be dark. I like looking like I just got back from vacation.”

Krentcil was accused of taking her daughter, who was 5 at the time, into a tanning booth in April. Krentcil said her daughter’s burn came from the sun on an unusually warm day and that she would never take the girl into a tanning booth. She became the reason for New Jersey legislators to proposes changes to the state's indoor tanning bed law that ultimately failed.

The case thrust Krentcil into the national spotlight with a Saturday Night Live parody, being chased by TMZ and being banned from many of the salons where she had tanned because of the bad light she cast on the salon industry.