Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil wants out of New Jersey but not before getting financial revenge on those who profited off her time on the national stage and she says made her life miserable.

Patricia Krentcil in 2012 (WNBC TV)

The Nutley mother was cleared of charges she brought her then-5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth after a grand jury refused to indict Krentcil.  But with her husband, a stock broker, out of work and lots of legal bills, she believes it is her turn to cash in and get back at those who brought attention to her deep bronze appearance and made her a prisoner in her own home.

"I’ve literally been stuck in my home for the past year," she told NBCNews.com. "No matter where I go, everyone knows me. It’s very uncomfortable....it  doesn't matter where I go: I'm 'Tan Mom.'"

She made a number of TV appearances and was spoofed on Saturday Night Live. TMZ also began stalking her and at times she had to be led away from the cameras by her college-age daughter. Websites and tabloids dug up pictures of her from youth.

Last August she began to turn things around and accepted a no-tanning challenge from InTouch magazine. “Everyone says I look so much better less tan,” Krentcil told In Touch. “I feel weird and pale.”

Her Turn To Cash In

Patricia Krentcil action figure (CNN)

Now that she is in the clear, Krentcil is at odds with the school district that brought the allegations against her and is considering a lawsuit. The 44-year-old mother of five tells NBCNews.com she is planning suits agaist the manufacturer of a Tanning Mom doll and a Halloween costume.


Krentcil has launched her own line of self tanning products with skin expert Dana Ramos, Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow. Ramos has also helped Krentcil get her own skin back in shape from years of tanning, something she hasn't done "in forever" and is working on a comedy routine.

And she wants out of New Jersey. "I don't like this town at all or this state, more or less ... I wanna go somewhere beautiful," she told NBCNews.com.