Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil used to be hot for her looks and not the temperature her skin must have reached with all her tanning. But is it really her?

Cleavage baring glamour photos have surfaced of the 44 year old Nutley mom taken in an attempt to become a model according to TMZ which says the shots were taken roughly 20 years ago.

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Her husband tells the New York Post they are indeed his wife. “She’s obviously not as tan in that. But that’s her, yeah. As far as I know, that was her,”Rich Krentcil told the New York Post.

But a former classmate disagrees.

She was so skinny and had no boobs in high school,” a friend from Cold Spring Harbor HS, where Krentcil spent the 1982-83 school year told the Post.  “I can’t see it. No way — it’s Photoshop.”

Krentcil recently said she would consider an offer to pose for Playboy; the magazine has turned her down.

Child endangerment charges in the case against Krentcil for bringing her 6 year old daughter into a tanning booth were referred to a grand jury yesterday.

The case can now go in a number of directions. The  grand jury  indict Krentcil on the charges, or if it fails to indict, the case will be dismissed. Prosecutors may also offer a plea deal, in which a defendant usually admits to some level of guilt in exchange for a reduced charge.