A caller this morning wondered if the drivers in "Death Race 2012" paid tolls on their journey to Atlantic City.

If their license plates were taped over  blowing through tolls would not be a problem since their plates could not be read by cameras.

So how much would the toll be? Let's assume their route started at Exit 16W of the New Jersey Turnpike, the exit for MetLife Stadium, home of  Brandon Jacobs' former employer, the Giants. Lots of room for 30 cars to meet.




Using the New Jersey Turnpike website toll calculator, here's a breakdown of the tolls be assuming a cash toll.

  • Enter at Exit 16W (Meadowlands) and exit at Exit 11 (Garden State Parkway): $5.15
  • South on the Parkway from the Turnpike to Exit 38 for the Atlantic City Expressway: $3.75
    (Raritan: $1.50. Toms  River: .75. Barnegat: $1.50)
  • Eastbound on the Atlantic City Expressway: 75 cents

Total Toll: $9.65

The fine for not paying a toll is $25 per violation. The penalty for this trip would be $125.


However, for a special event such this, there may additional costs to consider.

Speeding through a construction zone with a reduced speed in effect  would mean a doubling of fines. The speed limit has been reduced southbound starting at Exit 63 for the widening project.

According to Turnpike Authority regulations, there is a $50 per hour cost for construction companies working on the roadway for special State Police detail.

Have you ever gone well over the speed limit on a highway? Where and when did you fulfill your "need to speed?"