Maybe we need to add this to the requirements to get a New Jersey driver's license. (Or better yet to become a registered voter, so that only those who can remember all the politicians lies and flip-flops will be allowed to vote). Or maybe this is totally bogus.

It's an online test to determine if you have a "photographic memory." They say only one percent of the population will pass this test. That sounded impressive to me until I took it. Turns out I passed this and I'm in the one percent with a photographic memory. Which makes me doubt this test. I have a hard time finding my keys. One I got a new license because I thought I lost it instead of being able to remember my wife had taken it a morning I went into surgery. I once canceled a credit card because I thought I lost it and it turned up three days later only ten feet from where I started searching.

So take this for what it's worth, but if you want to find out if you're in the photographic memory one percent club, click here.

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