Okay Jersey, I'm fuzzy as I write this. If it has a few typos please forglmeoilmena me.

As many of you may know, Aubree had the baby Saturday night and as is the norm, there's been much sleep deprivation in our house. We got to talking last night with some people and it seemed everyone had a story for the question "What's the longest you went without sleep?"

For me this baby wasn't it. It was back in my 20's when I was doing a morning radio show and comedy clubs at night. I went a full 72 hour period with no sleep whatsoever just working. Small market station in Luray, VA then driving afternoons and evenings to clubs in Richmond, Washington D.C., and Roanoke. Literally no sleep for three days.

One friend's story was more fun than mine. She was 19 and her friend's parents were gone on vacation and they had that house to themselves. Party central. Six straight days of partying with absolutely no sleep. I don't know how a human being can do that even at 19 but she swears it's the truth.

So let's do an unscientific poll. Meanwhile here are some unflattering pics of the exhausted Deminski crew.