We Garden Staters know that there are a lot of special aspects of living in the state. But even a lot of people who live here don't know about the best way to get from the big city--namely Manhattan--to the Jersey shore. And by that I mean the Seastreak Ferry.

It's one of those little secrets about New Jersey that needs to be spread around. Now granted, it's pricey so it's only the very well-compensated that can afford to take the ferry in and out of Manhattan EVERY day. But come on!  What a way to commute!

For the rest of us, it's great for a day out in the city, outing with the family or a quick ride in for a sporting event. They even haul you up to Martha's Vineyard in the summer. It saves so much time and hassle and you can really close your eyes and feel like you're on vacation. If you've never tried it, skip the train, bus or car one day and do it!

You owe it to yourself. Especially on fall days like these where you can still sit up top and enjoy the sun and the breeze.so all aboard my little mini cruise. Hope I didn't annoy the commuters too much while I selfie'd this video!

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